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KK INVEST GROUP s.r.o. continuously seeks to buy residential buildings and land suitable for the construction of residential buildings or with an already prepared project and land for commercial development.

  • Locality: for the construction of residential buildings/blocks of flats only in Prague; we prefer Prague or a nearby area with good transport accessibility for commercial land.
  • Land with a legally issued zoning permit or building permit has top priority.
    • Location – only in Prague
    • Layout: with ten or more flats or real potential for an additional storey, before and after the renovation or adjustment to offices.

We handle all legal agenda, processing of expert opinion, record and storage in notary’s archives, preparation of contractual documentation, etc. We pay the fees for land registration, verification of signatures and other according to the individual agreement.

We are not a real estate agency, we do not mediate the sale or lease real estate, but we are a direct owner, investor and developer.